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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Cation exchange geothermometry: a critiqueMAHENDRA VERMA
2015Aplicación del análisis de conglomerados en la caracterización de vientos localesVICTOR ALEJANDRO SALCIDO GONZALEZ
2013Steam transport simulation in a geothermal pipeline network constrained by internally consistent thermodynamic properties of waterMahendra Verma
2010A review of the production parameters for analysis of the reservoir performanceGEORGINA IZQUIERDO MONTALVO; VICTOR MANUEL ARELLANO GOMEZ; ALFONSO ARAGON AGUILAR
2015Cluster analysis of the wind events and seasonal wind circulation patterns in the Mexico City regionAlejandro Salcido; Ana Teresa Celada_Murillo; Telma Castro; Susana Carreón-Sierra
2001Exergoeconomic optimization of a wellhead geothermal power plantULISES OLEA GONZALEZ; ALFONSO GARCIA GUTIERREZ
1985Heat source in los humeros geothermal area, Puebla, MéxicoSURENDRA PAL VERMA JAISWAL
2000Chemical and isotopic study to define the origin of scidity in the 10s Humeros (México) geothermal reservoirMAHENDRA VERMA; ENRIQUE TELLO HINOJOSA; RIGOBERTO TOVAR AVILA
2015Lattice wind description and characterization of Mexico city local wind events in the 2001 2006 periodSusana Carreón-Sierra; Telma Castro; Ana Teresa Celada_Murillo; Alejandro Salcido; teodoro georgiadis
2014-11-04Hydraulic model and steam flow numerical simulation of the Cerro Prieto geothermal field, Mexico, pipeline networkMIGUEL CECEÑAS FALCON; ALFONSO GARCIA GUTIERREZ; Abel F Hernández-Ochoa; JUAN IGNACIO MARTINEZ-ESTRELLA