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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Analysis of accelerated ageing of non-ceramic insulation equipmentsRUBEN SALDIVAR GUERRERO; ISAIAS RAMIREZ VAZQUEZ
2016Multiscale relationship of electronic and ionic conduction efficiency in a PEMFC catalyst layerRomeli Barbosa; Beatriz Escobar; ULISES CANO CASTILLO; Jaime Ortegon Aguilar; Victor Sanchez
2015Organic rankine cycle coupling with a parabolic trough solar power plant for cogeneration and industrial processesMonica Borunda; Oscar Jaramillo; ALBERTO REYES BALLESTEROS
2016Simulation and in situ measurement of stress distribution in a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell stackJAVIER DE LA CRUZ SOTO; ULISES CANO CASTILLO; TATIANA ROMERO CASTAÑON
2015The challenges of the unit commitment problem for real-life small-scale power systemsJUAN ALVAREZ LOPEZ; JOSE LUIS CECILIANO MEZA
2015Detection of damage in multiwire cables based on wavelet entropy evolutionARTURO BALTAZAR HERREJON; RITO MIJAREZ CASTRO
2016Effect of PODCs for DFIG based wind farms in the inter-area and torsional oscillation dampingJORGE GUILLERMO CALDERON GUIZAR; RAFAEL CASTELLANOS BUSTAMANTE; MIGUEL RAMIREZ GONZALEZ
2017-02-09Elements for the development of public policies in the residential sector of Mexico based in the Energy Reform and the Energy Transition lawJORGE ALBERTO ROSAS FLORES
2016-06-30Fuel cell as range Extender in battery electric vehicles for supply chain fleetsJAVIER DE LA CRUZ SOTO; ULISES CANO CASTILLO
2015-02-25Combustion Modelling for Training Power Plant SimulatorsFrancisco Sanchez-Sesma