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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Analysis of well productivity as related to changes in well damageVICTOR MANUEL ARELLANO GOMEZ; GEORGINA IZQUIERDO MONTALVO; ALFONSO ARAGON AGUILAR
2008Estimation of static formation temperatures in geothermal and oil well by inversion of logged temperaturesULISES OLEA GONZALEZ; ALFONSO GARCIA GUTIERREZ
2009Initial thermal state of the Los Azufres geothermal reservoirALFONSO GARCIA GUTIERREZ
2003-10-12QrtzGeotherm: A computer program for the quartz solubility ceothermometer in moderately saline brines up to 370°CMAHENDRA VERMA
2005Analysis of structural influence on production wells at the Los Humeros, México geothermal fieldVICTOR MANUEL ARELLANO GOMEZ; GEORGINA IZQUIERDO MONTALVO; ALFONSO ARAGON AGUILAR
2003-10-12A comparative analysis of heating Indices of wells in Los Humeros, Puebla, MéxicoGEORGINA IZQUIERDO MONTALVO; VICTOR MANUEL ARELLANO GOMEZ; ALFONSO ARAGON AGUILAR
2009Thermodynamic properties of pure water with an approach of multi input variable setsMAHENDRA VERMA
2006Changes in gas composition of the Los Azufres (Mexico) geothermal fluids related to exploitationENRIQUE PORTUGAL MARIN
2005Hydrothermal mineralogy and microthermometry of fluid inclusions in the Cerro Prieto geothermal field, MexicoENRIQUE PORTUGAL MARIN; GEORGINA IZQUIERDO MONTALVO; CECILIA CUEVAS ARTEAGA
2009Considerations on the origin of acid fluids in Los Humeros geothermal field, Pue., MexicoGEORGINA IZQUIERDO MONTALVO; ALFONSO ARAGON AGUILAR; LUIS CARLOS AUGUSTO GUTIERREZ NEGRIN