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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Stable isotope composition of hydrothermally altered rocks and hydrothermal minerals at the los azufres geothermal field, MexicoIGNACIO SALVADOR TORRES ALVARADO; DANIEL PEREZ-ZARATE; PETER BIRKLE
2015Useful life estimation and condition inspection of a 28,800 kw gas turbine componentsMARTIN ALBERTO LUNA RAMIREZ; RAFAEL GARCIA ILLESCAS
2014Electrochemical study on effect of Au, Ag, Pd and Pt on corrosion behaviour of Fe3Al in molten NaCl KClJOSE-GONZALO GONZALEZ-RODRIGUEZ; ALBERTO MARTINEZ VILLAFAÑE; GUILLERMO SALINAS SOLANO; VICTOR MANUEL SALINAS BRAVO
2016Simple geomagnetic induced gurrent detection and monitoring in power transformersJOAQUIN HECTOR RODRIGUEZ RODRIGUEZ; JOSE TOMAS RAMIREZ NIÑO; RITO MIJAREZ CASTRO
2015Simple acoustic sensor array for partial discharge detection and location in electrical apparatusJOSE TOMAS RAMIREZ NIÑO; RITO MIJAREZ CASTRO; JOAQUIN HECTOR RODRIGUEZ RODRIGUEZ
2016Simulation and in situ measurement of stress distribution in a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell stackJAVIER DE LA CRUZ SOTO; ULISES CANO CASTILLO; TATIANA ROMERO CASTAÑON
2015Seismic isolation of buildings for power stations considering soil-structure interaction effectsARTURO TENA COLUNGA; LUIS EDUARDO PEREZ ROCHA; JAVIER AVILES LOPEZ
2013Viscosity virtual sensor to control combustion in fossil fuel power plantsPablo H. Ibarguengoytia; MIGUEL ANGEL DELGADILLO TORRES; ALAN URIEL GARCIA TEJEDA; ALBERTO REYES BALLESTEROS
2015Wind speed forecasting for wind farms: A method based on support vector regressionGUILLERMO SANTAMARIA BONFIL; ALBERTO REYES BALLESTEROS; CARLOS GERSHENSON GARCIA
2015Tafel equation based model for the performance of a microbial fuel cellHector Poggi-Varaldo; TATIANA ROMERO CASTAÑON; OMAR SOLORZA FERIA; MARIA TERESA PONCE NOYOLA