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2013-04-01Corrosion performance of a novel NiAl-Cu intermetallic hvof protective coating part I: low temperature corrosion in 0.5 M H2SO4Jesus Mario Colin de la Cruz; Cecilia Cuevas-Arteaga; Arturo Molina; Sergio Alonso Serna; Marco Rivera; Jesús Porcayo Calderón
2014-05-19Corrosion behavior of pure Cr, Ni, and Fe exposed to molten salts at high temperatureCecilia Cuevas-Arteaga; victor salinas; Oscar Sotelo Mazon; GEORGINA IZQUIERDO MONTALVO; Jesús Porcayo Calderón
2015-08-04A study on the effect of Co, Cr and Ti on the corrosion of FE40AL intermetallic in molten NaCleKCl mixtureJOSE-GONZALO GONZALEZ-RODRIGUEZ; RENE GUARDIAN TAPIA; victor salinas; Jesús Porcayo Calderón
2012Corrosion behavior of Fe3Al intermetallics with addition of lithium cerium and nickel in 2.5 % SO2+N2 at 900°CMartin Alberto Luna; Jose Chacon-Nava; JOSE-GONZALO GONZALEZ-RODRIGUEZ; ALBERTO MARTINEZ VILLAFAÑE; Jesús Porcayo Calderón
2015Electrochemical study of the corrosion performance of AISI309 and AISI-310 exposed in NaVO3 at high temperatureGEORGINA IZQUIERDO MONTALVO; Cecilia Cuevas-Arteaga; Lorenzo Martinez Gomez; RosaMaria Melgoza-Aleman; Oscar Sotelo Mazon; Maria Guadalupe Valladares-Cisneros; Jesús Porcayo Calderón
2012Evaluation of a Cr3C2(NiCr) coating deposited on s4400 by means of an HVOF process and used for flow plates of PEM fuelGerman Orozco; JOSE TRINIDAD PEREZ QUIROZ; Mariela Rendón Belmonte; Jorge Teran-Guillen; Andres Torres-Acosta; Jesús Porcayo Calderón
2012-02-01Electrochemical performance of Ni20Cr coatings applied by combustion powder spray in ZnCL2-KCL molten saltsCINTHYA DINORAH ARRIETA GONZALEZ; Cecilia Cuevas-Arteaga; JOSE JUAN RAMOS HERNANDEZ; victor salinas; Oscar Sotelo Mazon; Jesús Porcayo Calderón
2013Corrosion performance of Fe-Al intermetallic coatings in 1.0 M NaOH solutionCINTHYA DINORAH ARRIETA GONZALEZ; ARNOLDO BEDOLLA JACUINDE; Cecilia Cuevas-Arteaga; Martin Alberto Luna; Lorenzo Martinez Gomez; victor salinas; Jesús Porcayo Calderón
2013Electrochemical performance of Fe-Al intermetallic alloys with addition of Li Ni and Ce in NaVO3 at 700°CCINTHYA DINORAH ARRIETA GONZALEZ; MARTIN ALBERTO LUNA RAMIREZ; Lorenzo Martinez Gomez; victor salinas; GUILLERMO SALINAS SOLANO; Jesús Porcayo Calderón
2016Effect of Ag addition on the electrochemical performance of Cu10Al in artificial salivaLorenzo Martinez Gomez; ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ DIAZ; VICTOR MANUEL SALINAS BRAVO; GUILLERMO SALINAS SOLANO; Oscar Sotelo Mazon; Jesús Porcayo Calderón