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Evaluation of a Cr3C2(NiCr) coating deposited on s4400 by means of an HVOF process and used for flow plates of PEM fuel
German Orozco
Mariela Rendón Belmonte
Jorge Teran-Guillen
Andres Torres-Acosta
Jesús Porcayo Calderón
Acceso Abierto
Research of the electrochemical behavior of a Cr3C2(NiCr) coating deposited on S4400 through the use of an HVOF (high velocity oxygen-fuel) thermal spraying process was studied. The electrolyte used was a solution of H2SO4 0.5 M + 2 ppm Fˉ used at environment temperature. As a reference electrode a mercurous sulfate (Hg2SO4) was used and a graphite bar as a counter electrode. The morphological aspect of the coating evaluated was analyzed by SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) before and after the electrochemical evaluation. The coating electrochemical values obtained for a period of 576 hrs fulfilled the corrosion resistance criteria required by USDOE (US Department of Energy). As a starting point, this coating could be considered in flow plates for PEM-based (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cells. Nevertheless, the loss of coating during this period may limit its application.
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