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Design of a technology management infrastructure for large volumes of data in an intelligent power network
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In Mexico, high - priority energy generation target, associated with clean energy sources, have been established through the promotion of other abundant natural resources such as solar or wind energy. In addition to this, there is a global trend supported by the development of renewable energies that is leading the electrical systems to integrate distributed generation capacities. This new operation perspective of the electrical network is called: "Smart Grid". The objective of this research is to present a technological infrastructure for the management of large volumes of information through Big Data tools to support the integration of renewable energy. The infrastructure includes a methodological architecture for the acquisition, processing, storage, management, analysis, monitoring and forecast of large amounts of data. The development of a Big Data application for the analysis and monitoring of the information generated by photovoltaic systems is included as a case study. The goal is to have timely information to make better decisions to improve the integration of renewable energy in the Smart Grid.
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