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A Real-Time Data Acquisition System for the Laguna Verde uclear Power Plant
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Data Acquisition Real-Time System developed for the Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant in Veracruz, Mexico. Due to the fact that the data acquisition modules needed to be replaced, the need for a New Acquisition System arose. Replacing the former data acquisition system has several technical challenges, including the fact that it must work together with the former system. Additionally, it must remain online during the whole process, since the Data Acquisition System is one of the nuclear power plant most important monitoring systems and it is required for its operation. This paper focuses on the key software design aspects of the New Acquisition System, which were used to address the main system requirements: Integration with the former data system, multiple data source support, high-frequency data storage and high-speed data access. The New Acquisition System is composed of a vast number of modules. This paper specifically focuses on Acquisition Subsystems, the Central Acquisition Process and the Master Historical Archive Process.
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