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Study of the regional air quality south of Mexico city (Morelos state)
Alejandro Salcido
Susana Carreón-Sierra
Telma Castro
Ana Teresa Celada_Murillo
Acceso Abierto
Results from the first study of the regional air quality in Morelos state (located south of Mexico City) are presented. Criteria pollutants concentrations were measured at several sites within Morelos in February and March of 2007 and 2009; meteorological data was also collected along the state for the same time periods; additionally, a coupled meteorology chemistry model (Mesoscale Climate Chemistry Model, MCCM) was used to gain understanding on the atmospheric processes occurring in the region. In general, concentrations of almost all the monitored pollutants (O3, NOx, CO, SO2, PM) remained below the Mexican air quality standards during the campaign; however, relatively high concentrations of ozone (8-hour average concentrations above the 60 ppb level several times during the campaigns, i.e. exceeding theWorld Health Organization and the European Union maximum levels) were observed even at sites with very low reported local emissions. In fact, there is evidence that a large percentage ofMorelos vegetationwas probably exposed to unhealthy ozone levels (estimated AOT40 levels above the 3 ppm h critical limit).
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