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Electrochemical study of the corrosion performance of AISI309 and AISI-310 exposed in NaVO3 at high temperature
Cecilia Cuevas-Arteaga
Lorenzo Martinez Gomez
RosaMaria Melgoza-Aleman
Oscar Sotelo Mazon
Maria Guadalupe Valladares-Cisneros
Jesús Porcayo Calderón
Acceso Abierto
Corrosion performance of AISI-309 and AISI-310 exposed in NaVO3 at 700°C was studied using some electrochemical techniques named potentiodynamic polarization measurements and linear polarization resistance (Lp). Measurements of potential in time and mass loss were also obtained. From the physical characterization, it was observed a similar corrosion mechanism for both materials, determining the formation of three different corrosion products layers, which consisted in a concentrated NiO inner layer, a combined layer of Cr2O3-Fe2O3-NiO2, and the molten salt chemically associated with chromium and iron as FeVO4 and CrVO4. Both stainless steels presented a similar type of corrosion attack, a generalized mixed corrosion along the surface, stating that the difference in composition of the two stainless steels seems not to have a relevant significance in the corrosion mechanism.
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