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Origin and evolution of geothermal fluids from las Tres Vírgenes and Cerro Prieto fields, Mexico e co-genetic volcanic activity and paleoclimatic constraints
Daniele Pinti
Clara Castro
Acceso Abierto
Major and trace elements, noble gases, and stable (dD, d18O) and cosmogenic (3H, 14C) isotopes were measured from geothermal fluids in two adjacent geothermal areas in NW-Mexico, Las Tres Vírgenes (LTV) and Cerro Prieto (CP). The goal is to trace the origin of reservoir fluids and to place paleoclimate and structural-volcanic constraints in the region. Measured 3He/4He (R) ratios normalized to the atmospheric value (Ra ¼ 1.386 10 6) vary between 2.73 and 4.77 and are compatible with mixing between a mantle component varying between 42 and 77% of mantle helium and a crustal, radiogenic He component with contributions varying between 23% and 58%. Apparent UeTh/4He ages for CP fluids (0.7e7 Ma) suggest the presence of a sustained.
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