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Thermodynamic properties of pure water with an approach of multi input variable sets
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Using the IAPWS-95 formulation, an ActiveX component SteamTablesIIE in Visual Basic 6.0 is developed to calculate thermodynamic properties of pure water as a function of two independent intensive variables: (1) temperature (T) or pressure (P) and (2) T, P, volume (V), internal energy (U), enthalpy (H), entropy (S) or Gibbs free energy (G). The second variable cannot be same as variable 1. The following 27 properties are calculated: temperature (T), pressure (P), fraction, state, volume (V), density, compressibility factor (Z0), internal energy (U), enthalpy (H), Gibbs free energy (G), Helmholtz free energy (A), entropy (S), heat capacity at constant pressure (Cp), heat capacity at constant volume (Cv), coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), isothermal compressibility (Ziso), speed of sound (VelS), partial derivative of P with T at constant V (dPdT), partial derivative of T with V at constant P (dTdV), partial derivative of V with P at constant T (dVdP), Joule-Thomson coefficient (JTC), isothermal throttling coefficient (IJTC), viscosity (Vis), thermal conductivity (ThrmCond), surface tension (SurfTen), Prandtl number (PrdNum) and dielectric constant (DielCons).
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