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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-09-0113th international symposium on water-rock Interaction (WRI-13) PrefacePETER BIRKLE; Russell Harmon; IGNACIO SALVADOR TORRES ALVARADO
2003-10-12A comparative analysis of heating Indices of wells in Los Humeros, Puebla, MéxicoGEORGINA IZQUIERDO MONTALVO; VICTOR MANUEL ARELLANO GOMEZ; ALFONSO ARAGON AGUILAR
2013-02-28A Heuristic algorithm to solve the unit commitment problem for real-life large-scale power systemsJUAN ALVAREZ LOPEZ; JOSE LUIS CECILIANO MEZA; ROLANDO NIEVA GOMEZ
2019-05A Learning Ecosystem for Linemen Training based on Big Data Components and Learning AnalyticsGUILLERMO FLAVIO ESCOBEDO BRIONES; MIGUEL PEREZ RAMIREZ; GUSTAVO ARROYO FIGUEROA; GUILLERMO SANTAMARIA BONFIL
2011-12-03A MIQCP formulation to solve the unit commitment problem for large-scale power systemsJOSE LUIS CECILIANO MEZA; JUAN ALVAREZ LOPEZ; ROLANDO NIEVA GOMEZ
2010-07-09A Real-Time Data Acquisition System for the Laguna Verde uclear Power PlantILSE LEAL AULENBACHER; JOSE MARIA SUAREZ JURADO
2015-08-20A review of absorption heat transformersWILFRIDO RIVERA GOMEZ FRANCO; Rosenberg Romero
2010A review of the production parameters for analysis of the reservoir performanceGEORGINA IZQUIERDO MONTALVO; VICTOR MANUEL ARELLANO GOMEZ; ALFONSO ARAGON AGUILAR
2009A Study of Nanofilled Silicone Dielectrics for Outdoor InsulationISAIAS RAMIREZ VAZQUEZ
2015-08-04A study on the effect of Co, Cr and Ti on the corrosion of FE40AL intermetallic in molten NaCleKCl mixtureJOSE-GONZALO GONZALEZ-RODRIGUEZ; RENE GUARDIAN TAPIA; victor salinas; Jesús Porcayo Calderón
2015-11-30A technique to measure fuel oil viscosity in a fuel power plantPablo H. Ibarguengoytia; GUSTAVO ARROYO FIGUEROA; MARIA YASMIN HERNANDEZ PEREZ; Luis Enrique Sucar
2013-06-23A temporal bayesian network for diagnosis and predictionGUSTAVO ARROYO FIGUEROA; LUIS ENRIQUE SUCAR SUCCAR
2004-07-08Advanced control algorithms for steam temperature regulation of thermal power plantsGUSTAVO ARROYO FIGUEROA; ALEJANDRO VILLAVICENCIO RAMIREZ
2018-08Advanced utility data management and analytics for improved operation situational awareness of EPU operationsGUSTAVO ARROYO FIGUEROA
2012-10-17Alkaline electrolysis with skeletal ni catalystsULISES CANO CASTILLO
2001-10-08Analisis de vibración para caracterizar el comportamiento de rotores fracturados operando en líneaJULIO CESAR GOMEZ MANCILLA; RAFAEL GARCIA ILLESCAS
2012Analysis about low performance in some zones of Los Humeros, México, geothermal fieldGEORGINA IZQUIERDO MONTALVO; ALFONSO ARAGON AGUILAR; VICTOR MANUEL ARELLANO GOMEZ
2016Analysis of accelerated ageing of non-ceramic insulation equipmentsRUBEN SALDIVAR GUERRERO; ISAIAS RAMIREZ VAZQUEZ
2016-01-20Analysis of geochemical and production well monitoring data a tool to study the response of geothermal reservoirs to exploitationROSA MARIA BARRAGAN REYES; VICTOR MANUEL ARELLANO GOMEZ