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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Comparison of electrochemical noise (EN) signal and corrosion products signal image of Ti-6AI-4VRaúl Germán Bautista_Margulis; Jose Chacon-Nava; Gaspar López Ocaña; Martin Alberto Luna; ALBERTO MARTINEZ VILLAFAÑE; José Cabral Miramontes; Humberto Monreal Romero; Claudia Nava
2012Corrosion behavior of Fe3Al intermetallics with addition of lithium cerium and nickel in 2.5 % SO2+N2 at 900°CMartin Alberto Luna; Jose Chacon-Nava; JOSE-GONZALO GONZALEZ-RODRIGUEZ; ALBERTO MARTINEZ VILLAFAÑE; Jesús Porcayo Calderón
2013Corrosion performance of Fe-Al intermetallic coatings in 1.0 M NaOH solutionCINTHYA DINORAH ARRIETA GONZALEZ; ARNOLDO BEDOLLA JACUINDE; Cecilia Cuevas-Arteaga; Martin Alberto Luna; Lorenzo Martinez Gomez; victor salinas; Jesús Porcayo Calderón
2015-06-24Electrochemical behavior of NiAl and Ni3Al intermetallic coatings in 1.0 M NaOH solutionJESUS PORCAYO CALDERON; Martin Alberto Luna; Lorenzo Martinez Gomez; EDUARDO PORCAYO PALAFOX; victor salinas; Oscar Sotelo Mazon
2016Microstructural changes during high temperature service of a cobalt-based superalloy first stage nozzleMartin Alberto Luna; Lorenzo Martinez Gomez; ZDZISLAW MAZUR CZERWIEC; VICTOR MANUEL SALINAS BRAVO; Jesús Porcayo Calderón